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What to do With Your Succulent Flower Stalk: All About Flowering Succulent Care

Why is My Succulent Growing a Flower Stalk

Succulents growing flower stalks is a normal part of their life cycle. Not all succulents will flower and getting succulents grown indoors to bloom is difficult. This is because a succulent must go through a cycle of growth and dormancy in order to know when to flower. 

succulent flower stalk

Do Succulents Flower When Stressed

It’s not entirely correct to say that a succulent must be stressed to flower. However, it must know which part of its life cycle it’s in so that it can produce a flower stalk. A succulent flower stalk is produced after the succulent comes out of a dormant period of cooler temperatures and less water.

Should I Fertilize My Succulent Flower Stalk

Succulents that are fertilized right before or during their growing season will be more likely to produce a succulent flower stalk. It really depends on the type of succulent to tell if it should be fertilized when it has a stalk actively growing. 

Succulents with a long growing season can definitely be fertilized if they are producing a succulent flower stalk in order to promote good health and growth.

What do I do With My Succulent Flower Stalk

The short answer is…nothing. Leave the flower stalk alone. It’s a normal part of a plant’s life cycle to produce a succulent flower stalk. Don’t prune it off and don’t mess with it too much. You can harvest the seeds if you want to try seed propagation if you want though.

succulent seeds

Should I Cut the Flower Stem Off My Succulent

You should only cut off your succulent flower stalk if the stalk is clearly dead and dried up. The only exception will be if you want to try and use the seeds to propagate a new plant.

Can You Propagate a Succulent Flower Stem

You will not be able to propagate a succulent flower stalk by using it like a cutting and planting it in new soil. If you choose, you can try to propagate a new succulent through the seeds that come from the flower stalk though. Of course, seeds need to be pollinated by insects or from a self-pollinating variety of plant in order to grow a new plant.

What if My Succulent Flower Stalk is Drooping

If your succulent flower stalk is drooping, the odds are good that the stalk is done and has lasted through the extent of its cycle. Look for dry or mushy pieces of stalk that would also indicate this is the case.

If you see no other indicators that the succulent flower stalk is done with its cycle, you can prop up the stalk. Use a small skewer gently poked into the soil and a loose tie in order to support the stalk.

Do Succulents Die After Flowering

There are some varieties of succulent that the mother plant will die after a succulent flower stalk is produced. This included sempervivums, most aeoniums, and most agave plants. If the flower comes from the center of the plant, the odds are good the mother plant will die after flowering.

The types of succulent that do not die after flowering, usually, include varieties such as echeveria, senecio, and sedum. These plants typically will produce succulent flower stalks from the side of the plant rather than the center.

What to Do After My Succulent Grows a Flower Stalk

The only thing to do when a succulent produces a flower stalk is to enjoy the bloom and to wait for it to be done. Once the flower stalk starts to get mushy or dry out, you can trim it off using a pair of clean, dry snips.


A succulent flower stalk is a rare occurrence if your plant is kept indoors. But if you do manage to make your succulent or cactus bloom, there can be a lot of doubt as to what to do and how to deal with it.

For the most part, if you have a flower stalk on your succulent, let it go and don’t mess with it. Enjoy it as part of the natural life cycle of your plant. And when that flower stalk is done producing, snip it off and try to do it again.

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